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Dimension:2599 mm X 2599 mm X H798 mmTable:1168 mm X 1168 mm X H760 mmBench:920 mm X 565 mm X H798mmSeat Height:430 mm
Dimension:Φ2340 mm X H1210 mmTable: Φ1057 mm X H1136 mmBench:457 mm X 633 mm X H1210 mmSeat Height:762 mm
Dimension:2265 mm X 2265 mm X H720 mmTable:1065mm X 1065 mm X H720 mmBench:500 mm X 500mm X H450 mm
Dimension:Φ1996 mm X H860 mmTable: Φ915 mm X H780 mmBench:460 mm X 578 mm X H860 mmSeat Height:445 mm
Dimension:Φ1980 mm X H730 mmTable: Φ1230 mm X H780 mmBench:900 mm X 295 mm X H500 mm
Dimension:2126 mm X 2126 mm X H854 mmTable:641 mm X 641 mm X H826 mmBench:508 mm X 508 mm X H854 mmSeat Height :430 mm
Dimension:Φ2070 mm X H850 mmTable: Φ800 mm X H800 mmBench:580 mm X 524 mm X H850 mmSeat Height:450 mm
Dimension:1940 mm X 1940 mm X H790 mmTable:1175 mm X 1175 mm X H790 mmBench:920 mm X 260 mm X H510 mm
桌面規格:1830 mm X 733 mm X 760 mm椅面規格:1830 mm X 294 mm X 430 mm衍生檯面尺寸:600 mm X 580 mm X 700 mm此款野餐桌增設了一個衍生的檯面,可用來放置燒烤爐架
規格:桌面 1000 mm X 865 mm X 750 mm  椅面 1110 mm X 290 mm X 430 mm
CAT-057 棋盤桌規格:桌面 755 mm X 755 mm X 750 mm  椅面 500 mm X 435 mm X 450 mm  棋盤 360 mm X 360 mm
桌面規格:1830 mm X 790 mm X 800 mm 椅面規格:1830 mm x 405 mm x 450 mm
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