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Dimension: 1391 mm X 585 mm X H1500  mmCapacity:150 L (each)
Dimension: 1400 mm X 584 mm X H1500  mmCapacity:110 L (each)
Dimension:1346 mm X 470 mm X H956  mmCapacity:71 L (each)
Dimension:1320 mm X 440 mm X H850  mmCapacity:85 L (each)
Dimension:2032 mm X 480 mm X H1015  mmCapacity:87 L (each)
Dimension:1500 mm X 430 mm X H1050  mmCapacity:64 L (each)
Dimension:1000 mm X 500 mm X H1120  mmCapacity:114 L (each)
規       格:1524*508*H1016            單桶容積:88 L            單       位:mm
Dimension:1900 mm X 520 mm X 1380 mmCapacity:134 L (big one)  66 L (small one)
Dimension:1200 mm X 500 mm X 1000 mmCapacity:60 L (big one)  22 L (small one)
Dimension:800 mm X 320 mm X 1200 mmCapacity:29 L (each)
Dimension:410 mm X 320 mm X 1380 mmCapacity:27 L (each)
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