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Dimension:1522 mm X 635 mm X 1100 mmCapacity:167 L (each)
Dimension:1916 mm X 430 mm X 1017 mmCapacity:134 L (each)
Dimension:1500 mm X 640 mm X 900 mmCapacity:200 L (big one)  140 L (small one)
Dimension:506 mm X 430 mm X 965 mmCapacity:108 L (each)
Dimension:447 mm X 447 mm X 810 mm (each)Capacity:70 L (each)
Dimension:447 mm X 395 mm X 825 mmCapacity:43 L (each)
Dimension:936 mm X 500 mm X 1400 mmCapacity:98 L (big one)  68 L (small one)
Dimension:1370 mm X 475 mm X 1200 mmCapacity:96 L (big one)
規       格:1485*500*H1280           單桶容積:156 L            單       位:mm
規       格:700*635*H914           單桶容積:97 L            單       位:mm
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