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Dimension:470 mm X 400mm X H1500mm
Dimension:Φ 665 mm X 582 mm
Dimension:Φ 102 mm X 1310 mm
Dimension:Φ 600  mm  X 1200 mmCapacity:6 L
Table:400 mm X 450 mm X 2503 mmBench:700mm X760 mm X1930 mm
Dimension:600 mm X 91mm X 725mm
Dimension:460mm X 310 mm X H750 mm
Dimension: 870 mm X 420 mm X H1000  mmCapacity:140 L
Dimension: 1391 mm X 585 mm X H1500  mmCapacity:150 L (each)
Dimension:2146 mm X 622 mm X 820 mmSeat Height : 450 mm
Dimension:1830mm x 660mm x930 mm Seat Height : 430 mm This model is a classic metal bench with an arched back for comfort. It is constructed with galvanized solid steel flat bar and H.S steel tubing. Options of powder-coat color available.
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