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Dimension:554 mmX 643 mmX H1200 mmCapacity:170 L
Dimension:1320 mm X 440 mm X H850  mmCapacity:85 L (each)
Dimension:1830 mm X 625 mm X 845 mmSeat Height : 422 mm
Dimension:1830mm*562mm*H430mm Seat Height :430mm
Dimension:2400 mm X 1700 mm X 2700 mm
Dimension: 1034 mm X 1052 mm X(H)1417 mm
Dimension: 1200 mm X 570 mm X(H)1710 mm
Dimension: 250 mm x 250 mmThickness :19 mm
Dimension: Φ 400 mm X 430 mmCapacity :37 L
Dimension: 1200 mm X 430 mm X H1680  mm
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