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Magnificent; ornate; fascinating products, bring you different visual experience
Dimension:1830 mm X 580 mm X 850 mmSeat Height : 445 mm
Dimension:1800 mm X 547mm X H821 mmSeat Height : 435mm
Dimension:1780 mm X 550 mm X 980 mmSeat Height : 430 mm
Dimension:1800mm X 632mm X H819mm Seat Height : 445mm
Dimension:6000 mm X 1795 mm X 868 mmSeat Height : 450 mm
規   格:2135mm*622mm*H830mm            坐面高:465mm
Dimension:1830mm X 612mm X 657mmSeat Height : 420mm
Dimension:1800 mm X 430 mm X 430 mmSeat Height : 425 mm
規格:1335 mm X 556 mm X 598 mm坐高:450 mm
規    格:1800mm*614mm*H880mm坐面高:440mm
規格:1800 mm X 630 mm X 890 mm坐高:445 mm
規    格:1800mm*590mm*800mm坐面高:429mm
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