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Dimension:1830mm*650mm*H1016mm Seat Height :425mm
Dimension:2440 mm X 700 mm X 805 mmSeat Height :430 mm
Dimension:1800 mm X 605 mm X 760 mmSeat Height :430 mm
Dimension:2143 mm X 695 mm X 808 mmSeat Height :430 mm
Dimension:Φ1829mm*H840mm Seat Height :440mm
Dimension:1688mm*648mm*H844mmSeat Height :420mm
Dimension:1830 mm X 477 mm X 612 mmSeat Height :432 mm
Dimension:1500 mm X 606 mm X H902 mmSeat Height :420 mm
Dimension:1830 mm X 430 mm X 530 mmSeat Height :420 mm
Dimension: Two seats 1214mm X 712mm X H850mm   Three seats 1776mm X 712mm X H850mm  Four seats 2338mm X 712mm X H850mm  Five seats 2924mm X 712mm X H850mmSeat Height :445mm
此款休閒椅有多種款式供選擇,可添加扶手、靠背、座位 Dimension:Three Seat 1918 mm X 666 mm X 830 mm  Seat (each) 597 mm X 666 mm X 830 mmSeat Height:445 mm
Dimension:2387 mm X 660 mm X 635 mmSeat Height :430 mm
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